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Wellness care is the foundation of our practice at Faithful Friends Animal Clinic.

We believe that prevention is key to a long and healthy life for your furry friend. Regular wellness exams help us to catch any potential health issues before they become major problems. We recommend that all pets receive a wellness exam at least once a year, but more frequent exams may be necessary for senior pets or those with chronic conditions.

During a wellness exam, our veterinarians will perform a thorough physical exam, check for any abnormalities or signs of illness, and discuss any concerns you may have about your pet’s health. In addition to the exam, we may recommend diagnostic testing, such as blood work or radiographs, to provide a more comprehensive view of your pet’s health.

The benefits of regular wellness care are numerous. By catching potential health issues early, we are able to provide more effective treatments. Additionally, regular exams allow us to establish a baseline of your pet’s health and also give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your pet’s health or behavior.

At Faithful Friends Animal Clinic, we understand that your pet is an important member of your family. Our wellness care services are designed to help keep your furry friend healthy and happy for years to come. Contact us today to schedule your pet’s wellness exam.

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We make it easy to prioritize your pet’s health.

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